Free Mobile Bar Hire Uk now offer a Jagermeister Tap Machine included with our free mobile bar service.

 Jagermeister Tap machine is an amazing piece of kit and not only does it look great but it can give you ice cold Jager shots one after the other. Jagermeister should be served ice cold (unlike most bars and clubs) and once you have tried one you won't ever have a normal Jagermeister shot again.

Stand out from the crowd and get this amazing Jagermeister Tap Machine for your event.


  • Jagermeister tap machine provides..

  • Ice cold shots

  • A great looking machine

  • A way to impress guests

  • A way to make your wedding, party etc stand out from the rest

Jagermeister tap machine hire is available with our free bar in the following locations

  • Jagermeister tap machine Dorset

  • Jagermeister tap machine Hampshire

  • Jagermeister tap machine Bournemouth

  • Jagermeister tap machine Portsmouth

We also travel 60 miles from bournemouth. Please contact us for anymore details.

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