Frequently Asked QuestionsTitle

  • How much is it to hire your bar? 

The Bar service is completely free. No wastage charges and No minimum spend!

  • How much is your deposit?

We charge £50 to secure the date of your event. The £50 is returned to you after your event. If you have requested for us to fill out the TEN notice on your behalf then this will be deducted. The TEN costs £21. We will fill this out for free.

  • How does the free bar work?

We supply a pay bar for free and all we ask in return is for a minimum of 50 adult guests and that we are the sole providers of alcohol. This is to protect our license and ensure we cover our expenses. We'll take 2 hours to set up and 30 minutes to pack up. All drink related rubbish will be cleared and disposed by our team. 

  • Is there a minimum amount of money you have to make?

No.  We do not like putting pressure on you and your guests to make sure you have spent enough, we'd rather you enjoy your event without any added pressure.

  • Do guests pay for there own drinks?

Most of our bookings guests will pay for there own drinks. However if you would like to put money behind the bar and have a free bar for your guests this is fine as well. If you would like to pay per head or just put a certain amount behind the bar then please just contact us and we will explain how this works for you.

  • What payments do you accept

 We accept cash and card payments (plus contactless). All major cards accepted.

  • What bar will I receive?

We can provide LED Bars or wooden / rustic bars. Please contact us for availability.
For festivals or public events we can customize the size of our bars to any length. Please email for details.

  • Can I provide my own alcohol ?

Our only stipulation (for the free service) is that there is a minimum of 50 guests and also that we are the sole providers of alcohol. This is to protect our license and also ensure we take enough to cover expenses. The bar has to be running for the duration of the event for minimal disruption. If you wish to provide your own alcohol then a deposit of £400 is taken as a retainer. If the bar makes less than £1000 then the difference would be deducted. 

  • Can I provide my own alcohol in the day and just hire the bar for the evening?

In order to qualify for our free service we will have to be at your event for the full duration (start to finish). This will also cause minimal disruption to your day as we're always set up and ready to serve before the guests arrive. If you wish to provide your own drinks for the day and then have the bar for the evening then this would fall under the category of 'providing your own drinks' and the larger deposit would be required.

  • How much power will you require?


  • Can you do any deals on pre-ordered drinks? ie table wine and toast drinks?

We can offer incredible prices on pre drinks. Please see the below as an example...
All prices include chilling, service, real glassware and disposal of rubbish.

Sparkling Perry @ £1.25 per glass
Bucks Fizz @ £1.50 per glass
Pimms @ £1.75 per glass
Cava @ £2.50 per glass
Prosecco @ £2.50 per glass
Italian House wine @ £8 per bottle (Shiraz, Merlot, Cabinet, Pinot, Chardonnay, Rose, Pinot Blush)